How to Build and Test your Unity Game

In this article I will show how to quickly make a PC Build of your game for testing.

First go to File>Build Settings…

You’ll see the window above open, click Player Settings…

In this window you will want to set your Company Name, Product Name, you can also customize your Icon and Cursor. I searched google images and found the png I liked then imported it as a Cursor. I left all other settings default.

Now back in the Build Settings window make sure PC, Mac & Linux Standalone option is selected and click switch platform if it wasnt already selected.

Click the Add Open Scenes button so that it gets built with your menu etc.

Now you can click Build , Create and name a new folder wherever you want it to be built.

When it’s finished just run the exe with your game title and it will show the Unity splash screen and load your game.

This is just the most simple and fast way to get a build of your game for pc to test, there are many other settings.

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