How to Host Unity Games on the Web

In this article I will show how to upload an in browser playable WebGL build of your game to

First in Unity go to File>Build Settings and select WebGL and then Switch Platform.

Go to Player Settings… Go to WebGL tab and expand Other Settings , uncheck Auto Graphics API, It should now show only WebGL 2.0 under Graphics APIs.

Pretty much any newer version of a modern browser supports WebGL 2.0 these days, this is the only way Post Processing and Linear color space will work in a WebGL build, it does not work in WebGL versions under 2.0

Now go back to Build Settings and click Build, Choose a folder you want to build it to, when it’s done building zip the files up with a program like 7zip(free and best archive program in my opinion)

Now make an account on and create a new project.

These are the settings I used…

Upload your zipped files and select This file will be played in the browser.

Under Embed Options I selected Embed in page and Auto-detect size(Unity HTML only) (You can change the size in Unity in the Player Settings>WebGL tab under Resolution and Presentation. I left mine at the default 960x600.

Now just hit Save and view page and your game should load when you click play.

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