How to Install Unity and Get Started

Unity is a super powerful game engine, not only can it be used to build games for pretty much any platform but also pretty much any type of app or game including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality apps. It’s also being used in TV and Movie production; for example The Lion King (2019).

In this quick guide I will show you how to Install the latest Recommended Release of Unity and Create a new project.

Head on over to the Unity website and download the personal edition of Unity Hub, there’s no difference between the versions except you need a paid license if you’re grossing over $100k selling your game or app built with Unity. Check their website for more details on that.

Download Unity Hub Here

The website may look different but you get the idea.

Now open the downloaded file and Install it.

Once it’s installed, open it and click the Installs section.

Click Add and select the Recommended Release, click next. (It’s best to go with the recommended release as they are usually more stable than newer versions)

Now select any platforms you will be targeting to build for, click next and agree to terms the select Done and it will install.

When it’s finished installing head back to the Projects section and select NEW.

Name your new project and make sure to save it where you can find it, it’s usually best to save projects in folder like “Unity” or “Unity Projects” in the root of a drive to stay organized. Mine for example is E:\UNITY.


When Unity is finished loading and setting up your new project you are ready to setup your professional layout which I will cover in the next article.




Unity Developer/C# Programmer for VR, 2d,3d Games and other Immersive Interactive Experiences

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Andrew Crippen

Andrew Crippen

Unity Developer/C# Programmer for VR, 2d,3d Games and other Immersive Interactive Experiences

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